Real estate and urban law

  • Commercial, residential and recreational projects

The Real Estate and Urban Law Area is part of the professional trajectory of our Law Firm, that has advised a significant number of the most outstanding real estate developments carried out in our country. Our experience in this area, allows us to provide an efficient professional contribution in all stages of this type of projects, from their planning, financing, purchasing, selling and complete development of the same.

As a part of our services, we make a thorough and exact title work of the properties, reviewing public registers and other information in order to provide complete assurance to our clients on the development and future marketing of their projects. We contribute with our clients in the negotiation and writing up of the preliminary contracts, of buying and selling, general construction contracts, option contracts and all other proper arrangements for this type of developments.

Civil, Commercial and Bankruptcy Laws

  • Contracts
  • Successions, testaments and donations
  • Sales, purchases, rentals, usufructs
  • Incorporation of companiesMergers, acquisitions
  • Financing and securitization
  • Commercial counseling
  • Bankruptcies

Our Commercial Law Area advises individuals, large, mid‑size and small national and foreign companies in all kind of contracts and in general, in all their relevant legal or responsibility requirements.

We help our clients to develop and implement their business activities, selecting the best incorporation structure for their needs, including the preparation of shareholder agreements, internal business pacts, company and contractual joint ventures. We plan due diligence processes for mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.

We counsel creditors and debtors in bankruptcy and creditors’ arrangements proceedings. We also advise companies seeking to reorganize their business activities, allowing them to continue doing business through preventive court or out of court creditors’ arrangements.

Labor Law

  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • Hiring, termination and settlement
  • Work permits for foreign nationals and visa proceedings
  • Litigation

Our specialized Labor Law team offers support in all Labor Law and Social Security aspects, including their associated administrative proceedings. Said support covers the analysis and negotiation of collective work contracts, the preparation of individual and/or collective work contracts with unions. We provide counsel during collective bargaining processes and in court or out of court dispute settlements.

We also provide immigration assistance to our foreign clients, helping international companies with their executive personnel transfers.

Tax Law

  • Tax counseling
  • Tax planning
  • Litigation

Our Law Firm offers complete tax counseling services, based on our corporate and personal income tax experience. This service is integrated with other practice areas in our Firm in order to help clients resolve the tax matters that may affect their business structures. We sponsor our clients in tax lawsuits and complaints.

In addition, the quality of our advice is backed by our tax professionals’ broad experience in national tax lawsuits.

Litigation and Arbitral Procedures

  • Civil and commercial lawsuits
  • Arbitral procedures and mediation to settle disputes

Our professionals in this area provide solutions to the conflicts of our clients, representing them in court, both in lawsuits and appellate proceedings, bankruptcy procedures, arbitrations and mediations.

We also act in lawsuits involving large, medium sized and small companies as well as individuals. In like manner, we defend remedy of protection and enforcement of economic rights actions. The professionals in our Law Firm also act as arbitrators and members of arbitration and mediation committees.

Antitrust Law

Our expert Antitrust Law professionals manage matters relative to the defense of those who are accused of committing acts restricting competition, and also address the issues arising from mergers and acquisitions and consumer rights’ protection.

Consumer Rights

The services of our Law Firm in this area include client representation before government authorities and eventually at the courts in appeals against administrative decisions.

Foreign Investments

De Iruarrizaga, Arnaiz y Compañía advises foreign companies interested in investing in Chile, structuring and implementing transactions of a multijurisdictional nature. Our professionals have a vast experience with the mechanisms that may be used to set up or increase our clients’ presence in the internal market and to optimize the benefits of foreign investments in our country.